Watch Tip

I hope you have not set it too soon.

Do not we all had moments like this!
She had nothing but the best intentions, of course, if you look IRONMAN yourTimex clock set for 06:30. They were determined to want to run this morning, if you like!

Of course the best of intentions are good, but when rolled at 06.30 clock was your first reaction was predictable … at this moment in time, they wanted nothing better than to destroy your Timex Ironman watch, or at leastturn off that damned beep, so that another hour of sleep before work the press!

Ok, so maybe (somehow) managed to turn the thing. Or maybe he took the easy way out and not only put the pillow over his ears until the damn thing, and it worked .. Short, but now the # @! "What goes out every morning at 6:30 clock like, uh … Movement! Arrrrgggg! Why IRONMAN watches have to be so effective?

While I have heard that a bat is a commoncommon solution to this problem, do not despair, because I give you a way to defuse the alarm system, not to the point of mutilation by the clock.

The standard Ironman Timex Clock looks a bit like 'the layout:
(I can not see a picture here, please refer to the link in my signature)

Warning: I am trying to keep this general information as possible, but there are many Timex IRONMAN watch models on the market, and this informationprecicely may not be applicable to each model. I think the alarm function works similarly in many Ironman watches and what I say here is in most cases.

Ok, so when the alarm starts, just press START / SPLIT orStop to disarm / reset alarm. To find out if the alarm is activated, the icon of a clock at first glance seem to disappear once the clock unarmed, the weather is. When the alarm and error, is expectedin the hope that goes away, a fire alarm back-up after five minutes to Tormentation further.

So now the quick fix is ​​out of the way, here's how to activate the alarm permanently:

Press the MODE button until you are in alert mode
SET / RECALL button to configure the alarm
Press STOP / RESET (-) orSTART / SPLIT (+) to carry alarms
If the alarm you want to delete, press and hold STOP / RESET selected (-) to delete the selected alarm.

Ahh peace of mind inFinally!

Oh, and if you ask really, how to set the alarm, you should look out soon for this topic on my blog.


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